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Hiring a Professional Siding Contractor is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Your home is your biggest asset. Your siding is key to protecting your home and everything in it. Make sure you know the steps to take before hiring anyone to install siding on your house.

There are a variety of material types when it comes to getting your house so Side By Side Home has listed the top three most popular choices by homeowners over the years. From wooden to aluminum siding they are all good choices no matter what your house’s current condition is right now, there are advantages to each however.

  • Vinyl siding is the most popular material in the industry at this point. There are reasons for the popularity too! The main reasons homeowners go with this is because of the variety of colors, styles, sizes or heights, it’s durability and also because vinyl is easy to maintain.
  • Aluminum siding also is to maintain as far as cleaning goes and it doesn’t rot or fade very easily either like some other types of siding materials. Aluminum can also be found in many different sizes as well. Another advantage of this siding is that it is very durable in varying weather and climate conditions.
  • Wood siding is another great material if you are looking for a more traditional look for your home. One fall back is that you may need to paint the wood every few years or so as it wears away through the different weather conditions. Compared to other sidings wooden material is a little more expensive because of the continuous maintenance that needs to be done with it.

Although there are some other types of materials on the market when it comes to getting your home sided, these three are the most popular and have been the most widely used by homeowners. If you are looking for a more traditional look stick with wood if you want the modern curb appeal of newer homes go with vinyl.

Vinyl Siding Installation – New York City

There are many good reasons to use vinyl siding on your house. It requires very little maintenance, and in the long run saves you time and money. You can choose the color that you want from color samples available, and you never need to repaint. You can also find out about other aspects here including manufacturers and pricing.

It’s good to know the key points about how to do vinyl siding installation to ensure its beauty and durability. It is made of poly vinyl chloride, so it can bend. It also expands and contracts with the changes in temperature. Therefore, it’s very important to loosen up the ends and the sides of each panel to avoid bending and rippling your vinyl. And, you must not drive the nail or the fastener all the way when securing, so that you give it room to expand and contract.

Vinyl Siding Installation for Homes

Vinyl siding is ideal for homes and selections include many colors and finishes. This includes clapboard, dutchlap, beaded, board and batten, shakes, shingles, and scallops. Textures vary also and include woodgrain, smooth, rough-hewn cedar shakes, etc. The cost is cheaper compared to alternatives, but vary from suppliers for the same brand to shop around for the best price.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Vinyl siding costs less for maintenance than any other siding material. And all you need is a garden hose, scrub bucket, and soap. And you can spend just one afternoon scrubbing your vinyl wall and it will look brand new.

A major advantage is that any look can be achieved and you never need to paint. The only maintenance is a simple wash to keep it looking great and to prevent mold buildup. And from a remodeling standpoint, homeowners are likely to recoup 83% of the cost of installation.

Should you decide this form of siding is appropriate for your needs, the single biggest factor is to choose a quality product. Cheaper grades do not show as well, do not last as long and can be easily damaged.

Vinyl siding Installation can look complicated but with Side By Side Home your siding will be finished in no time and you will have saved yourself a great deal of money.

Color Samples of Vinyl Siding

In the beginning, vinyl siding was offered only in lighter colors. Today, it’s common for you to see a mixture of colors. Thanks to advancements in color technology and vinyl manufacturing, choices are now much broader. That’s why selecting from color samples of vinyl can be confusing, particularly if you don’t have a specific color in mind.

Before anything else, ask your NYC Siding Repair Contractor which brands he would recommend. Though they may be similar colors, they can differ in hue from one manufacturer to the other. Your NYC siding repair contractor should know the best brand in the market for you to get the best value for your money.

Cedar Look Vinyl Siding

Homes appear warm and natural when you use cedar shingles on the exterior. Homes with cedar siding always appear inviting and relaxing to live in, and they’re an eye catcher in an upscale neighborhood. To have this feel with only a fraction of the cost of real cedar shingles, you can use cedar look vinyl siding that mirrors the look and feel of real cedar.

With advancements in color technology and vinyl production, manufacturers are able to create cedar looking vinyl siding imbued with the natural look and feel of real wood. Because it incorporates plastic, and it doesn’t cost as much as real wood to buy and maintain.

Side By Side Home is the most popular roofing and NYC siding repair contractor in New York. Unlike other companies, we specialize in siding. We have experts having years of experience in installing new siding in the homes of our clients. They can recommend the best siding material and also install it in your home according to your schedule and budget.

Cedar Look Vinyl Siding

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Side By Side Home is a fully licensed siding contractor having a solid reputation among the customers in New York City and its surrounding areas. We are certified contractors providing warranties on our siding work in homes and commercial structures. We have the skills and the experience to not only enhance the décor but also increase the protection of the exteriors through our excellent quality siding work.

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Siding creates a protective layering for the exterior walls of your home. It keeps the foundation and the interior walls of your home protected. Being so important for the structure, it is advisable to take help and guidance of a company that knows a lot about siding. At Side By Side Home , we have a team of expert contractors having in depth knowledge about siding materials and their installation to protect and enhance the décor of a home.

Siding Repair And Installation

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There are many types of materials being used for the construction of siding. While timber is very popular because of its visual appeal, there is also available cheaper vinyl siding that looks beautiful and lasts for a very long time. Our siding experts will guide you on the selection of the right siding material that is best according to your liking and the budget you have in mind.

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Once you decide to install new siding in the exterior walls of your home, you need to finalize the material, shape, size, and the colour of the siding. At Side By Side Home , we have siding experts having tons of experience of siding in different types of buildings in New York. There is a lot to know about the siding material that is perfect according to your requirement. We are there with you from the word go and help you take an informed decision. We carry out the installation of siding in your home in a clean and very efficient manner.

Siding Maintenance

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Siding work is important as it can add to the décor of the property if done properly in a professional manner. There are many siding contractors in New York but none can match the skills, knowledge, and experience of the team at Side By Side Home. We have a long list of happy and satisfied customers who are impressed by our siding work carried out at down to earth rates for them. This is an advantage of choosing to work with the leader. We have streamlined the process to keep costs down despite using latest techniques and high quality siding material.

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